Welcome to Krambook, a specialist reading related gift and accessories website!


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Welcome to Krambook.co.uk

Do you use a Bookmark when you read? If you do, then you will find some great Bookmarks here!




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Welcome to Krambook, a specialist reading related gift and accessories website!

Our main product being unique bookmarks that are appealing to both children and adults alike, all at affordable prices!

A great gift for any reader or writer, a great gift for loads of occasions i.e. stocking fillers, birthdays, novelty, Easter, valentines, mothers day, fathers day, anniversaries and other celebrations where a cool gift is just the thing. Or maybe you may just like to collect our bookmarks as memorabilia, maybe a famous person you like, a pop group, film or T.V. show. Infact if you can't find what you are looking for, let us know and we will be more then happy to design this for you. So if you have a star you are fanatic about we can help! email us at admin@krambook.co.uk

We have some wonderful Bookmarks for Kids, a great way to encourage your kids to read. You can even have a Bookmark personalised with your Childs name on it!

If you would like a personalised Bookmark made i.e. with your own photo (maybe a pic of your pet and your pets name etc) name, logo etc then email us admin@krambook.co.uk with your details of what you would like and we will be more then happy to meet your needs!

Other great items to be found at krambook are…. magnifiers, bookends, book holders, book lights, address books, book plates, book accessories, pens, pencils, magnetic bookmarks. Whatever reading related gift or accessory you're looking for you should find it here. If you can't please let us know at admin@krambook.co.uk



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